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SmartLock offers an extensive range of electronic access control products appropriate for many applications, SmartLock is a United Kingdom based manufacturer producing to the highest standards, incorporating the very latest in card technology.

SmartLock equipment is flexible and can be customised to suit large or small facilities, in a 'user friendly' environment. The system is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance.

SmartLock design is a solution, resolving the conflict between safety and security. In any building the requirements for ease of exit in the event of an emergency are counterbalanced by the very real need for security. SmartLock satisfies both needs by offering a flexible, secure operation, controlling entry electronically while permitting mechanical egress in the event of an emergency. In consultation with Fire and Safety officers we will design a system appropriate to any type of building complex.

SmartLock not only secures the facility but can also be used to control access to different areas of the building. By predefining who may enter particular areas it is possible to selectively control where specific categories of personnel may go. This is especially useful where sensitive areas are designated as high security areas.

SmartLock 'visitor's card' acts as a one time entry through a door on a single occasion. The visitor's card will then become invalid, restricting return access. All SmartLock systems featured here function with the same hardware offering the opportunity to upgrade the system software when required.

SmartLock electric strikes, electromagnetic locks and ancillary products are designed to compliment and secure your building both in terms of ascetics and security.

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